BUHS Varsity Mathletes final meet


Emanuel Tzab, writer

On March 15th, BUHS’s varsity Mathletes completed their season with a home meet, earning
second place and finishing second overall in the league. Let’s take a look at the last two varsity
The Mathletes traveled to Desert Christian High School in Lancaster on February 15th, earning
26 points and placing first. Joining the team for the final two meets of the season is Victor
Tordby, a junior and the high school’s foreign exchange student from Sweden. At this meet, Sam
Wilson earned a perfect score of 10 points and a first-place ribbon, while Audrey Cokeley placed
third for her individual score of 5 points.
At the home meet, the Mathletes earned 24 points, with Sam Wilson claiming another first-place
ribbon for his score of 8 points, and Rose Bracken placing fourth with a score of 6 points. Also
competing toward the team score were Audrey Cokeley, Anwyn Benson-Hernandez, and Ashley
Check out this problem from the second round!
Find the zeroes of f(x) = x given that i is a root.

4 − x
3 − x
2 − x − 2

The varsity Mathletes wrapped up the season with a whopping 151 points, a mere 8 points away
from the first-place team. The Mathletes League awards students for their cumulative individual
scores throughout the season: Sam Wilson placed second with 45 points, Rose Bracken placed
fourth with 27 points, Audrey Cokeley placed seventh with 22 points, and Ashley Fitt placed
ninth with 18 points.
BUHS math teacher and Mathletes coach DeeDee Buchholz says, “What a great season for this
Varsity Team! Many thanks to captains Rose Bracken and Ashley Fitt for doing such an
outstanding job leading their team by being great role models and encouraging each teammate
with respect. Next stop is the Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 24 at 6pm… we have A LOT
to celebrate!” This is the final season for the team’s seniors: Rose Bracken, Rain Naranjo, and
Josh Wilson. The rest of the Mathletes are so excited for the season next year and look forward
to welcoming brand-new members to the wonderful team. They will be back in the fall, ready to compete!