Bronco Round Up

  • March 13ALL (9-11) COURSE REQUEST FORMS DUE: Thursday, March 19 to Guidance Office
  • March 13COMMUNITY SERVICE OPPORTUNITY- Search & Rescue Race: Saturday March 14th, 9 am in Millpond
  • March 13INTERACT YEARBOOK PHOTO: March 16th during homeroom

DACA Program

Joanna Hernandez

May 31, 2019

The Trump administration is hellbent on fast-forwarding their heinous, racist, hate-fueled, xenophobic policies and they aren’t afraid to show it. The Department of Justice is pressuring the Supreme Court to hear arguments on the De...

Defund Hate

Joanna Hernandez

May 29, 2019

In June, Congress will introduce bills to fund the Department of Homeland Security for 2020. Apparently, the 2.1 billion dollars they got in 2018 isn’t enough. Over two billion dollars goes into targeting, criminalizing, and...

Making Progress

Joanna Hernandez

May 23, 2019

The Dream and Promise Act has officially passed by the judiciary committee. During the debate Republicans offered 11 amendments to make changes that would shrink the number of people who would qualify for relief under this bill, add...

Justice for Jakelin

Joanna Hernandez

May 18, 2019

A few weeks ago, we learned about the heartbreaking death of Jakelin, a beautiful 7 year old girl who died of dehydration and shock after being held by Border Patrol Agents. Yet another life was taken by the deportation force....

Immigrant Communities

Joanna Hernandez

May 18, 2019

Trump has never been genuine about finding solutions to protect the immigrant communities. In fact, throughout his entire presidency, his actions have criminalized, terrorized, and targeted immigrants for detention and deportation. ...

Lost Immigrant Children

Joanna Hernandez

March 11, 2019

“The Trump administration…  separated thousands more children from their parents at the Southern border than was previously believed,” according to a report by government inspectors released on January 14,2019. The fed...


Karlie Lain Guse -  Still Missing

Sofi Hernandez, Editor

October 31, 2018

Today’s lack of Gentleman

Today's lack of Gentleman

Hunter Beall

September 27, 2018

Jordan Kost held a list of the victims lost in the shooting.

Why We Walk

March 16, 2018



January 29, 2018

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