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2019-2020 Staff

Bodie Steinwand

Photo Editor

Bodie Steinwand is a senior at BUHS. Outside of school he enjoys having a good time. Bodie is the photo editor for the Bronco roundup. He originated from Big Pine, but came to Bishop his sophomore year. Bodie wishes to pursue be...

Paige Vance

Sport Editor

Paige Vance is a senior at BUHS. Vance loves playing sports, especially volleyball. After high school she plans on going to a 4-year college to study journalism. She plans on going to the University of Oregon, but the University o...

Jordan Winzenread

Sports Staff

Jordan Winzenread is a Senior at BUHS and a part of the sports staff for the Bronco Roundup. Outside of school, Winzenread enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, hiking, and camping with her family and friends....

Dan Mayhugh

Rock Licker/Snow Bum

Dan is a senior at BUHS and news reporter for the Bronco Roundup. Outside of school, Dan enjoys having a good time boarding with the gromz and climbing with his lady friend. Originating from Ridgecrest Ca, and moving to Bishop...

Anaya Brown


Anaya Brown is a senior at Bishop Union. After she graduates she plans on furthering her education at a 4 year university and learn more about genetics. Outside of school Brown enjoys socializing with friends and family. She al...

Uriah Martinez


 Uriah Martinez is a sophomore at Bishop Union High School. After high school Uriah wants to go to ASU Arizona State University and study for business. Her favorite subject in school right now is math, Uriah is a student ath...

Jenny Alvarado


Jennifer Alvarado, a junior here at BUHS, is a photographer for Bronco Round-Up. Once she graduates she  plans to get a job so she can help out her family and start saving money. She has always wanted to do this as she enjoys...

Joseph Molina

Sports Staff

Joey plans on a 2 years junior college and study Kinesiology and sports after he graduates high school when he’s done with the junior college, he plans on looking for a job that has his study interests. He sees himself work...

Isaias Rios


Isaias Rios is a junior at Bishop Union High School. His ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian and retire as an animal rehabilitator. When he is not working he likes to workout for 2 in a half hours at the gym. After high sc...

Xavier Gonzalez

Media Team

Xavier Gonzalez is a part of the Bronco Round-Up media team this year, his interests are cooking, music, art, and fashion. He plans on graduating this year and going to community college for two years and hopefully transferrin...

lesly laguna


Lesly Laguna is a Sophomore at Bishop Union High School. After high school, she intends on pursuing a career as a nurse. Her interest in becoming a nurse comes from her love for taking care of, and helping, newborn babies. Sh...

Sadie Dishion


Sadie Dishion is a junior at Bishop Union High School. Sadie likes to play Volleyball and has been playing for 6 years. She likes to hangout with her friends and is involved in FFA. Sadie works with the news group for Bronco ...

Andres Rios


Andres Rios is a Junior at Bishop Union High School. After high school Rios would like to go to UNR University of Reno Nevada and play soccer also get a degree in the mechanic field. His favorite subject in school is auto Rios ...

Joe Weaver

Sports Staff

Joe Weaver is a Junior at BUHS. He enjoys playing sports, his favorite part about sports is game time. He enjoys his classes and school activities. Weaver says that what sets him apart from other students is that nobody has the...

Adilene Becerra


Adii Becerra is a senior at Bishop Union High School. In Bronco Round Up Adii’s role is photography. Adii’s plans after graduation are to continue her schooling at Cerro Coso and then transfer to become a preschool teacher....

Isa Vasquez


Isa Vasquez is in her sophomore year at Bishop Union High School. Isa wants to continue her career in the Air Force, and become a pilot. Isa spends all year playing softball and snowboarding in the winter. For the Bronco Roun...

Clay Omohundro

Sports Staff

Clay Omohundro is a Junior at Bishop Union High School. In the fall Clay is a quarterback for the Bishop Broncos, in the winter he plays basketball as a guard, and in the spring he plays baseball. He plans to play football in a ...

Pablo Honda

Arts and Entertainment

Pablo Honda is a returning sophomore at BUHS. Pablo attended his freshman year at Tahoe Prep Academy in pursuit of his hockey career and returned to Bishop for his sophomore year. Pablo enjoys hockey and being physically active out...

Richard Rubalcaba


Richard Rubalcaba is entering the second semester of his freshman year here a BUHS. An L.A. native who's been here since middle school is a welcome addition to the Bronco Round Up staff. Richard has had a good experience so far...

Shania Womack


Shania Womack, a sophomore here at BUHS, is a journalist for Bronco Round-Up. Although she is not 100% sure of what she wants to do after high school, she wants to major in Psychology. Over the past years, she has looked into...

Allison Birkhimer

News Editor

Allison Birkhimer is currently a sophomore here at Bishop Union High School. She’s part of the Marching Band and some of her interests are art, animals, horseback riding, and she loves children. This upcoming year she might be...

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