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2018-2019 Staff

Hunter Beall

Assistant Sports Editor

Hunter Beall is a Senior at Bishop Union High School and has big plans for himself after he graduates. Hunter would like to enlist for four years after high school and become a Rescue Combat Officer in the United States Air Force....

Eric Lind

assistant to the sports editor

Eric Lind, a senior at BUHS is planning to become a fish and game warden. After high school Eric is interested in attending a four year university. Two schools Eric has been looking into are the University of Nevada Reno and C...

Matthew Rosga

Sports Editor

Matthew ‘Rosga’ is a senior at Bishop Union High School, as well a journalist for the ‘Bronco Roundup’ who has aspirations of being a Major League Baseball player. Rosga began playing baseball when he was 5 years old and has...

Cassidy Moffett

Sports Staff

Cassidy Moffett is a senior at bishop union high school is planning on going to school for cosmetology. She will be attending Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology where she will train to become A skilled  cosmetologist. In her...

Kade Edmiston


Kade Edmiston, a senior at BUHS, is planning on becoming a professional football player in the NFL.  His interest in Football began in his Junior year but has recently sparked the attention of recruiters because of his large...

Richard Rubalcaba


Richard Rubalcaba is entering the second semester of his freshman year here a BUHS. An L.A. native who's been here since middle school is a welcome addition to the Bronco Round Up staff. Richard has had a good experience so far...

Jessica Zemel


Jessica Zemel is a Junior at Bishop Union High School. Jessica is interested in studying at University of Riverside California or University of San Bernardino California to become a Veterinarian. She spends most of her free time...

Veronica Ramos Vargas


Future Pediatrician   -Veronica Vargas a lover of children wants to be a pediatrician after she finishes college. She’ll be graduating Bishop High School this 2019 school year. Veronica has been taking medical assisting to further...

Robert Kershner


Robert is a sophomore in high school and will be graduating in 2021 from Bishop High School. He is originally from LA, but moved here to Bishop because his dad got a job as an electric station operator. He does not want to move back t...

Shania Womack


Shania Womack a freshman at Bishop Union High School has the ambition to be top of her class. She came to high school and it was close to being what she expected. Shania enjoys being at the high school but a challenge she has...

Lauren Kost


Lauren Kost is a local high school track athlete with big ambitions and fast mile times. The BUHS student began running track her Freshman year with the 400 meters as her favorite event because of the time that it allows for proper...

Tyler Beadle


  Tyler Beadle wants to become a business owner and has already started, making thousands a month. Depending on the month he has made over 3 to $8000. How many high schoolers can say that they’ve done that?   ...

Shelby Haye


Shelby Haye is in her Senior year at BUHS, and a new addition to the Bronco Roundup staff. Shelby is a very creative person at heart, and is a natural born arts and crafts guru.  She enjoys making a wide variety of crafts ranging...

Morgan Mckinney


Morgan Mckinney is a Junior at Bishop Union High School and she spends most of her time with her boyfriend. She spends most of her time with him. They usually go to their friend's house and listen to music. She and her boyfriend...

Isma Santana


Isma Santana a senior at Bishop Union high school has a GOAL of becoming a pro soccer player. He puts in one hour of practice and one hour of gym time each day to keep himself sharp for the college scouts and hopefully achieve hi...

Rebecca Quintana

assistant sports editor

Rebecca Quintana is a Sophomore here at BUHS and is a passionate student filled with school spirit. Rebecca enjoys watching a variety of school sports including Football, Basketball, Soccer and Baseball, but admits to Basketball...

Paige Vance

News Editor

Paige Vance is a junior at Bishop Union High School who has been playing volleyball since she was in fifth grade. Her favorite subject is English and she likes to read and write. Her favorite sport is volleyball and she hopes to ...

Sofi Hernandez


Sofi Hernandez is a senior in High School and is on her way to becoming a famous theatre and television producer. Sofi has always had a passion for theatre and this passion started she was younger and auditioned to be in a Misso...

Allison Birkhimer

Assistant to the News Editor

Allison Birkhimer is a freshman at Bishop high school who is inspired to become a  lawyer. She's piqued interest in law because she can build a strong argument, have a stand firm opinion, and is good at making her point. Her...

Hunter Thomas


Hunter Thomas is a senior who plans on going into the military after high school. Though Hunter does want to go into the military, he also has plans to go to college to become a police officer. He plans to go to Cerro Coso co...

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