Ms. Kingsbury Interview


(photo submitted by Z. Kingsbury

Zoe Kingsbury (Photo Submitted)

Joshua Garcia, John Cortes, sports writer

How good would you say your day to day experience with students goes?

My students are why I enjoy my job so much. Some days are more challenging than others, and I’ve had some really hard days, but overall I love my students so much, even on bad days.

Do you enjoy teaching art in our highschool? 

I love it. 

How long do you plan to teach at our school?


When did you want to start teaching art to students?

Both of my parents are teachers, so for a long time I didn’t want to be a teacher. The whole wanting to diverge from your parents type thing. Eventually, after trying out a variety of different jobs in my 20’s, I realized that teaching aligned really well both with my values and my skill set. I think education is incredibly important for creating a more just world, and art education is necessary for so many aspects of a well-rounded education… SEL, creativity, critical thinking, project-based learning, and fun. Humans learn best when fun is involved.

How were you motivated to start your art career?

I’ve always been interested in art and I’ve always been drawing and painting. My parents were very supportive of my art as a kid. I started classical oil painting training when I was in 4th grade and continued that until my senior year. I was a painting major in college as well, then had a series of art-related jobs during and after college. It’s just always been a part of my life and an interest of mine. 

How do you feel when your whole class is on task and doing a very good job on their project? 

Honestly this thought makes me want to cry lol. Maybe because we are all antsy for summer and this hasn’t happened in a while. One of my main goals is to get students excited and inspired to follow through with their own creative ideas. So when everyone is on task, this is usually what it means… that everyone is actively engaged in their project. That’s the best!

What is your favorite type of art to do?

Highly detailed oil painting. I like painting portraits, specifically. 

When did you start teaching at BUHS?

In 2020! It was rough, but I’m happy to be here now. 🙂