Today’s lack of Gentleman


Hunter Beall

Bringing Back Gentleman-Opinion Piece

The gentleman is one of man’s greatest creations. But in today’s world how many gentleman do you see in our younger generation? You see there is a problem in our current time which is that our society is letting the gentleman die. If the Gentleman dies this will be one of man’s greatest crimes.

I’m curious how many of you among the younger generations know what a gentleman is or what it means to be a gentleman? Well in case you don’t know and are wondering a gentleman is a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. All three of these traits are what make a good man but they have become rare traits and it is no longer cool to be chivalrous, courteous or honorable. I guarantee that if any young man displays any of these traits he will be noticed and appreciated.

To you young ladies,  how many times has a young man held the door open for you? How many people have offered to help you carry your things? It’s not hard to be a gentleman, just don’t be selfish and do something such as holding the door open for someone or carry their things. Be polite and aware of others feelings and respect them.

If you do some of these few good deeds, you yourself could become one of the few gentleman left. Those Gentleman that are out there now let your acts of kindness be noticed but natural and help inspire and bring back the desire to be a good, kind, and solid man. To help bring back gentleman our society needs to appreciate the acts of chivalry, courtesy, and honor and make sure these people see your appreciation so they can be proud of what they do.

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