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NBA Officiating is Broken

Justin Yates, Sports Editor

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Officiating needs a change in the NBA

The NBA is officially broken. Let me tell you my opinion on why it is broken. I’m an OKC Thunder fan admittedly so I watch the Thunder play basketball more than any other team. Although my examples of terrible refereeing involves the Thunder its happening all over the NBA. This problem needs to be fixed.

Last night, Tuesday, November 7th, Russell Westbrook got called for a flagrant foul. Although it can clearly be seen on video he’s the one that got tackled. Now this call is becoming more and more apparent to the Thunder as the other day Carmelo Anthony got fouled on his way for a layup, made the shot, then after the play was reviewed by officials Carmelo got ejected for a flagrant foul. Melo’s elbow supposedly hit the Trail Blazers player in the face.

The players and fans alike couldn’t believe what just happened on both accounts. So now not only as a Thunder fan but as a basketball fan in general I’m asking that the officiating be changed so the players get to play basketball and not have to worry about the refs controlling every aspect of the game of basketball.      

The videos of these terrible fouls can be seen below.

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NBA Officiating is Broken