Fresh Cut

Nelson Chavez Shows Off His New Haircut for Graduation


Nelson Chavez

Bryce Lyons and Carson Schmidt

Nelson Chavez is a Senior at Bishop Union High School, who has caused major ripples in the school after unveiling his new haircut for Graduation. As seen in the photo, Nelson sports a clean buzz on the top and sides; only leaving the hair at the back of his head to blow in the wind. Carson Schmidt is the culprit of the absolute massacre that occurred on top of Nelson Chavez’s head, wielding the clippers that committed the crime. Nelson’s idea originated in Palu’s 1st Period Class, on May 31st, 2023. Bronco Round-Up’s own John Cortes made a bet with Axel Fierro to shave his head when Axel does, once he joins the Army.  Chavez interrupted, “I’ll shave my head too.” Palu confronted Nelson, arguing that he would never do such a thing. Chavez took the challenge, and was determined to shave his head from that second forth. Nelson and Carson got the idea for the style of the cut at lunch one day, brain-storming amongst their friends about what type of haircut Nelson should get. The rest is history.

Nelson arrived to Palu’s Class at 8:30 A.M. on June 1st, 2023. With his hat concealing the atrocity, Nelson marched into the classroom with his head held high. Palu noticed the last bit of luscious black hair flowing out of the back of his hat, the total devastation unbeknownst to him. After stating, “I knew you would never do it”, Nelson countered by whipping off his hat, revealing the Fresh Cut. To say Palu was shocked would be a complete downplay of his reaction. Chavez’s fellow classmates could not believe the sight either, bursting out laughing.

We were able to ask Chavez some questions about his thoughts on the Fresh Cut. “This cut is fire,” Nelson proudly said. He followed up by stating, “I think I started a new trend. I know I made some peoples’ day when they saw my cut,” Nelson said, “It’s nice to know I made a few people laugh.” Safe to say, Chavez is proud of the choices he made. After asking for any final statements, Nelson replied:

“Haters gon’ hate us cuz dey ain’t us” – Nelson Chavez