Great Win For Varsity Baseball against Kern


Noah Cathy

Maximo Elia, Writer

This Thursday, May 11th, Kern Valley came and played against the Bronco Baseball team. The Broncos had Kern drive home with an unfortunate loss. Here are the stats for the Broncos’ 8-5 win Vs. Kv Broncs. Defensively for the Broncos, Bodie Garcia started and went 3 innings had 5Ks allowed just 2 hits, Noah Cathey enter in the 4th and had 4Ks and allowed 3 Hits. Offensively for the Broncos, Cain Omohundro 2-4 with a run scored, Riley Eropkin 3-4 with an RBI a run scored, Victor Esparza 2-3 2B an RBI 2 runs scored, Reese Dondero 1-3 3B and RBI a run scored, Jamisen Wolfe 1-3 an RBI, Will Kemp 1-3 a run scored 2 stolen bases, Noah Cathey 1-1.