Personal Profile: Cristian Cortez

Anthony Chaves

Personal Profile

Player: Cristian Cortez

Grade: 10

Age: 15

Sport: Soccer

Team: Varsity

Bio: Cristian Cortez was born in Oceanside, California. His parent’s names are Monica and Luis Cortez. He has brothers named Jesus, Jonathan, and Angel. Cristian moved to Mammoth Lakes, California after living in San Diego for only a year. He lived in Mammoth for 6 months before to Bishop, California. Cristian plans to graduate high school and find a college that he is interested in that is located in San Diego California. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up but he is still thinking about it. One thing Cristian wants to do is travel to Barcelona, Spain.


Position: Midfielder

Play Style: Competitive


Height: 5’9”