Bronco Plans for Thanksgiving Break

Josilyn Ferrell, Journalist

How was your holiday?

Savory turkey, creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, everyone has a favorite food for Thanksgiving. Holiday traditions bring comfort and joy whether it’s preparing special food, embellishing the tree, or watching a holiday classic, like Christmas Vacation, and laughing hysterically even though you know every word by heart. As the holiday season is upon us, students are excited to enjoy this time with their family and friends. Although students’ plans may have shifted from prior years, they have still found time to enjoy for themselves. 

Catching a plane and traveling away from home to make memories with family, senior Carson Evangelist, spent ten days vacationing in Lubbock, Texas.

“I hung out with my family. Went and played golf and chilled at my uncles and aunts house,” Carson explained, “I also went to my cousin’s high school football game and that was really fun. And overall had a great time.”

Road trips or plane flights, there’s nothing like traveling with family and creating everlasting memories. Similar to Carson, Senior Lacey Lehigh spent her vacation away from home visiting and sharing the holiday with her family.

“I spent my Thanksgiving break down south with a smaller group than usual of my family members due to COVID but we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner,” Lacey said, “we definitely enjoyed the time together!”

Although many students spent time out of the area, some stayed in beautiful Bishop to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday. Sophomore, Katy Johnston, enjoyed relaxing time at home with family.

“I mainly just stayed home,” Katy explained, “I helped make dinner for my family and we watched Christmas movies.”

Comforts of home bring warm memories while unusual and adventurous vacations give interesting conversation for future gatherings. Straying away from traditions of being close to home, junior Kyle Dowers celebrated the Thanksgiving feast with lumberjacks in a snowy Idaho for the first time.

“We went and had Thanksgiving with some loggers,” Kyle Said, “I went hunting in Idaho, we saw a lot of tracks but didn’t get the chance to pull the trigger. Almost got killed by a badger. It was very good food. We had turkey and I especially loved the ham. It was very cold, we got up at 3am every morning and went hunting.”   

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