Senior Seasons Lost


Paige Vance, Sports Editor

Coronavirus Cancels Spring Sports

This pandemic came out of nowhere and took a lot of things from everyone. School, vacations, spring break, and all of the senior activities. It hit the seniors playing spring sports especially hard. The seniors had started playing their last seasons of the sports they all love and it was canceled on them all without warning. This was going to be their last time feeling the sensation of diving for home plate in their last baseball/softball game, feeling the dirt of the track under their feet as they break track records, throwing that discus as far as they possibly can hoping to place top three, or even hitting the golf ball down the course hoping for an eagle (a hole in one). 

Imagine having the last time doing any of these things with your best friends, your teammates you consider a family, and your coaches who push you harder than anyone. They all had this taken away from them, they’ll never get to play their last game together or run their last meet. They don’t get a senior night or a chance at a championship game.

Your Bronco Roundup crew would like to apologize to all of the seniors playing sports, we know this is hard for you to cope with and we all wish it was different. Thank you for dedicating all of your time and effort into the sports you play. 



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