Ready, Set, Arithmetic


Mathletes Start Season with a Bang!

On September 14th, 2016 our Bronco Mathletes  got ready to think, and get their math on. This sports team goes beyond the physical aspect of sports and includes the main muscle of the Brain. Lead by their fearless leader Mrs. Deidre Buchholz, our mathletes took on Tehachapi and Rosamond . They won by a land slide of 34 points and made an amazing start to their season. Jim Tomasek a Junior at Bishop Union High school came in first place with a total of 8 out of 10 questions correct followed by Duncan Reid and Liam Grah with Duncan at a total of 7 points and Liam Grah at a total of 6 points. Other people that racked in 6 points were Dezert Kiddoo and Makayla McDevitt. Other points brought in were done by Zoe Anderson, Dylan Fitt, Chet Shultz , and Alan Toress . Dezert Kiddoo stated, ” We won which is great, yet not surprising. The other schools definitely need to eat Hings Donuts in order to give them the energy to win for Mathletes.”

So what exactly is Mathletes? Mathletes are athletes that solve difficult questions in a short timed period. Our Bronco Mathletes have been  This problem was used in the meet and is typical of the complexity( Credit to Mrs. Buchholz for providing the question):  “Two circles have radii of six and eight inches.  Their centers are 20 inches apart.  What are the lengths of the segments that are tangent to both circles? If you can solve this question please fill free to comment down below if you know the answer.


Bishop Mathletes, Duncan Reid, Jim Tomasek, Dezert Kiddoo, Bishop Union High School, Dylan Fitt