Making Progress

Joanna Hernandez

The Dream and Promise Act has officially passed by the judiciary committee. During the debate Republicans offered 11 amendments to make changes that would shrink the number of people who would qualify for relief under this bill, additional criminalizing provisions rooted in hate and racism, and changes that would bar qualifying folks from sponsoring their parents for relief from deportation.

Thanks to all the people of United We Dream, relentless work uplifting the voices and organizing of the people and their leadership in holding the line on harmful additions to the bill, all anti-immigrant amendments were defeated.

From the beginning, they’ve been leading the fight for the Dream and Promise act. They will continue to fight for their communities and all people of color.

The next stop is the House Floor. The Dream and Promise Act now goes to the floor of the House of Representatives where it will be considered for a vote soon. This win is one for the books!