Justice for Jakelin

Joanna Hernandez

A few weeks ago, we learned about the heartbreaking death of Jakelin, a beautiful 7 year old girl who died of dehydration and shock after being held by Border Patrol Agents. Yet another life was taken by the deportation force.

Their brutality must stop and Congress must stop shoveling billions of dollars into their hands to abuse their communities.

This isn’t an isolated incident. We know that there are 15,000 children being held in Trump’s camps right now and we’ve seen the videos of Border Patrol agents laughing while they destroy water for migrants in the desert. They drag little girls from the hospital to camps and rip families apart in cities all across the country.

But in spite of the abuses, Trump and Republicans in Congress are demanding billions more for ICE and CBP – agencies built to brutalize.

This isn’t about a wall, it’s about people’s lives and they have blood on their hands.