Immigrant Communities

Joanna Hernandez

Trump has never been genuine about finding solutions to protect the immigrant communities. In fact, throughout his entire presidency, his actions have criminalized, terrorized, and targeted immigrants for detention and deportation. As the saying goes, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

This week, a fifth child died in CBP custody and Trump’s new policy would only worsen the deadly treatment of immigrants by the Deportation Force. The timing of his plan could not be more cruel.

Among other things, Trump’s plan would end programs that keep families together, that welcome immigrants from diverse nations, and that keep children and their families away from detention centers.

As Trump stood in the Rose Garden spewing lies and revealing his deportation policy, immigrant youth of United We Dream joined MoveOn, Families Belong Together and Center for Popular Democracy at Columbus Circle to unveil an art installation of the Statue of Liberty. They joined together with hundreds of other activists to make it clear what they are here for: protecting undocumented immigrants and people of color without harming others in the communities.