Prom Review


Jessica Zemel, writer

Whiskey Creek Prom, 2019

2018-2019 prom was held at Whiskey Creek on Saturday, April 13, 2019. The DJ was Zues.  The prom theme was Gatsby which is based on the 1920s. They served the guest food such as pizza and french fries. The drinks that were served were, rootbeer, soda, and water. During prom, you could have photos taken for a dollar and for the dollar you got 2 sets of 3 photos.

“Had a good time, It was fun a little dull.”-Anonymous

“Could be better”-Anonymous

“Could’ve been better had fun but things could’ve been done to make it better”-Anonymous

“It was fine”-Anonymous

“It was okay”- Lauren Kost

“I liked it”- Sydney Ellis

“It was ok”- Shelby Hay

“I hated it, it was the worst dance I’ve ever been to. I did not  like the DJ.”- Shelby Zemel

“It was fine I guess”-Anonymous



Prom, 2018-19, Whiskey Creek, Bishop Ca. BUHS, Gatsby