Lost Immigrant Children

Opinion Writing

Joanna Hernandez

“The Trump administration…  separated thousands more children from their parents at the Southern border than was previously believed,” according to a report by government inspectors released on January 14,2019.

The federal government has reported that nearly 3,000 children were forcibly separated from their parents and other relatives, under the 2018’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, under which nearly all adults entering the country illegally were prosecuted, and any children accompanying them were put into shelters or foster care.

Innocent immigrant children are not being treated humanely, and the government is not doing anything about this major issue.  Imagine being ripped away from your child, just to learn that they are being treated cruelly and there’s a possibility you may never see them again.  Congress should take full responsibility for this, these kids are scared and dying under ICE custody.

Republican Sen. Rob Portman said of the situation, “We’ve got these kids. They’re here. They’re living on our soil. And for us to just, you know, assume someone else is going to take care of them and throw them to the wolves, which is what HHS was doing, is flat-out wrong. I don’t care what you think about immigration policy, it’s wrong.” This isn’t a liberal or conservative problem, a Republican or Democratic problem. It’s not even a border problem. It’s a humanitarian problem.