Bishop is Going Greene


Paige Vance, News Editor

Profile on Mrs. Sasha Greene

Sasha Greene is a teacher at Bishop Union High School and she’s been teaching for 10 years. Mrs. Greene is a great example of a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. Along with teaching she runs four different clubs and is also the Student Senate Adviser. She said that she advises so many clubs “Because [she] believe[s] that education is about more than just academics and its important for students to feel involved included and safe within a school environment.”

Mrs. Greene believes “[Her] greatest achievement as a teacher is those moments when students understand the relevance of a subject and get excited and strive to learn more.” She says the most satisfying part about her job is getting to watch students graduate and start their lives.

She does more than just teach though, she helps every student with anything they need. Mrs. Greene is always there if you need help with college applications, are having trouble with something or even just need to talk. She says, “I help because I care, I think its an important part of my job as a teacher and a human being.”

A big part of what Mrs. Greene provides her students is accessibility. Her room is open before school, at lunch and after school for students who are looking for guidance, words of wisdom, someone to talk to or even someone to vent to.  

Mrs. Greene is a great example of a teacher at Bishop high school that goes above and beyond for her students.  

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