Is Today a Snow Day?


Shyanne Aguilar

Photo by: Shyanne Aguilar

Paige Vance, News Editor

What goes into deciding if we have a snow day?

We’ve had a lot of snow in Bishop recently. Well, we’ve had snow and everyone wants a snow day. But who decides if we get a snow day?


Every different school’s superintendent has the “honor” of deciding whether we do or don’t have a snow day. Barry Simpson is the superintendent of Bishop Unified School District, he said “The main factor in making the decision is safety, on a snowy morning I will connect with our Transportation Director and we will discuss road conditions and whether or not our school buses can navigate the roads safely. On a delayed start, we are usually relying on the weather forecast, if the snow looks like it will stop by 9:00 am or so, we will call a late start.”


The main factor that goes into deciding if we get a snow day is safety. There is no set amount of snow that we need to get a snow day. It all depends on road conditions and how well the school’s vehicles can maneuver on the roads that morning, it’s not an exact science. Mr. Simpson says “We do our best to be cautious because we want our students and staff to be safe. It’s always a tough call, sometimes I am the snow day hero and sometimes I am the snow day jerk! Poor me, right!”




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