Kennedy Batchelder Profile

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Kennedy Batchelder Profile

Paige Vance, News Editor

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FreshMan with a Beard

This week I had the chance to interview the bearded freshman, Kennedy Batchelder, and his beard Fredrick, Fred for short. Batchelder is 14 years old and was named MVP of the JV football team. When I asked his beard if he thought he played a roll in Batchelder getting MVP he said, “Definitely, I intimidated the other team.”


I asked Kennedy about tips for anyone wanting to grow a beard and his only response was, “don’t make it look like Wesley’s.” Batchelder shaved his beard off not too long ago and Fred didn’t take it very well, Fred said that he was extremely depressed and is also afraid Batchelder will shave again.


Fred enjoys being on Batchelder’s face because he gets to keep him warm but, he doesn’t enjoy the football chin strap. He says, “It doesn’t so much hurt as it does itch.”


Although Fred might get a little lonely being the only freshman beard but he’s still confident in himself.


Fred’s favorite food that Batchelder’s ever spilled on him is chicken wings or ribs.   


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