Calling All Skiers and Snowboarders


Photo by Paige Vance

Bodie Steinwand, Sports Reporter

Calling all skiers, snowboarders and lovers of that fresh powder. If you haven’t checked the latest snow reports or even looked at the local weather, it may benefit you to know that the heaviest storm of the 2018-2019 season has just hit and is still dumping snow. I recently spent the last weekend in our local skiing hotspot, Mammoth Mountain, and had the opportunity to experience the onslaught of snow that’s transforming the area into winter wonderland.

From personal experience I can tell you that I’ve seen many a storm, but this one has taken the top of my list. I would advise all powder-fiends to do their best to get to the mountain this weekend or sign up with the school to go next Wednesday the 13th. Deadline to sign up with school is the Monday prior to the trip; you can sign up with Mr. Fulkerson in room 203. For those braving the weather to go up on their own I would advise bringing a shovel to dig out your vehicle if need be, and carry chains unless you have four-wheel-drive cause the roads can be quite slippery. Be safe, shred the nar, and enjoy that fresh powder.

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