Amelia Marcuson Profile

Paige Vance, News Editor

Climbing Her Way to the Top

Last year BUHS got a new student Amelia Marcuson. Marcuson isn’t your average student, she’s been rock climbing since she was 10. When Marcuson was 15 she placed 2nd in the Nationals climbing competition allowing her to travel to Europe and compete in Worlds.

Marcuson fell in love with climbing at a birthday party at a climbing gym she said that she liked it so much she joined the team. The person who inspires her the most is her coach, Jesse Weiner, who’s been her teacher for six years. Weiner is the person who initially taught Amelia how to climb.

After placing second in Nationals Marcuson got to travel to Europe and compete in Worlds. She said that “It was really cool, there were people from every country and the climbing walls were huge. It was my first time out of the country as well.”

Marcuson said, “I like the friends that come with climbing and I’m able to meet new people through it.” 

Marcuson transferred from Newbury Park. Transferring schools wasn’t exactly easy for Marcuson she said, “Coming to this school was a little hard because I’m not exactly a social person, but it ended up being great.”

Marcuson’s parents have supported her and her sister climbing since they started six years ago, even though they don’t climb themselves.

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