BUHS Varsity Mathletes Win 3rd at Kern Valley Meet


Deidre Buchholz

BUHS Varsity Mathletes

Sofi Hernandez, Editor

BUHS Varsity Mathletes Meet at Kern Valley

Just as the JV Mathletes did previously, the Varsity Mathletes made their way to Kern Valley for their third meet of the season. With great performance, the Varsity Mathletes from BUHS won a team 3rd place.

The Mathletes that traveled to Kern Valley were: Emily Batcheller, Taryn Benson, Rachel Fitt, Scott Hennarty, Jeanine Lomaintewa, Owen Omondi, Jennifer Velazquez, and Lauren Wesling.

The team was faced with this team question from which the team received 3 points:

  1. ABCDEF is a regular hexagon with a side of 6. Arcs FB, BD, and FD have centers A, C, and E respectively. Find the area of the shaded region.

As a result of the hard work from the Varsity Mathletes made them win a 3rd place team award. Individual awards were given to Mathletes Fitt and Hennarty, both winning third place individual awards. Additional points were contributed by Batcheller, Benson, Lomaintewa, Omondi, Velazquez, and Wesling for a team total score of 21 points.

Mathletes Coach, Deidre Buchholz shows her pride for her Mathletes and excitement for the rest of the season by saying, “We are off to a great start with 3 more meets left. This is a fantastic team filled with dedicated Mathletes. Go, Bishop!”

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