JV Mathletes Tie for First Place with Tehachapi

Sofi Hernandez, Editor

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Kern Valley Meet 11/07/18

The BUHS JV Mathletes competed in their second meet of the season at Kern Valley High School. The JV Mathletes traveled independently without the Varsity Mathletes members and pulled out the big guns and won themselves a team 1st award and tied with Tehachapi.

Our BUHS Mathletes faced problems like:

“3. A green car going 60mph passed a red car going 50mph. How many feet ahead of the red car will the green car be 5 minutes after it passes the red car? Round to the nearest foot.”


“4. A triangle has an area of 24m^2. The base is 2m longer than the height. Find the length of the base.”

As a result of this meet, the JV Mathletes took home a team 1st award and many individual awards.

Individual awards were given to Nathan Wesling, Cashus Puhvel, Clara Place, Jordan Cooper, and Ace Selters. Selters took home a 4th place individual award with 6 points out of 10 possible points; Place and Cooper took home individual awards for 3rd place with 7 points; Wesling and Puhvel took home 2nd place individual awards.

Congratulations, JV Mathletes and good luck on your next meet!

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