The Chirping Chicken

Jessica Zemel, writer

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Chirping Chicken, New York City, Food Review

Chirping Chicken in New York City gets 2 1/2 stars. They were quick about getting our order but after they took 30 minutes and only gave us the fried shrimp with macaroni salad we asked about the other food and then gave us another bag that had a chicken burrito bowl and a chicken sandwich with french fries and also a side order of zucchini. We soon realized after we left and opened the food bag we soon realized that a cheeseburger was missing. So someone ran back to the restaurant and got it but the burger was dry and with the zucchini there was too much breading and the chicken was bland therefore it gets 2 1/2 stars

They are located at: 940 Columbus Ave
You can call them at: (917) 675-6515