Sydney Frigerio-Senior Profile


Matthew Rosga, Sports Editor

Volleyball Captain and Amazing Person

Sydney, “Syd”, Frigerio is a phenomenal athlete, an incredibly intelligent student, and all around genuinely kind-hearted person. Syd is fresh out of her final high school volleyball season that was “EVERYTHING [she] could have ever hoped for and more!!” Despite earning a high enough ranking to host the first CIF Central Section playoff game in BUHS volleyball history, and winning it, they could not walk away with another W in their quarter-final game. Syd said that she “developed such close relationships with every single member of [her] team and [came] to care about them from the bottom of [her] heart, and truly feel[s] like [they] are a family”. She said that despite not winning their championship, the team  “improve[d] immensely, more than [she] can even comprehend, on the court, but [she] love[s] every one of them as people off the court. [She is] so unbelievably proud of [her] team”, even going on to say that “this season has by far been [her] favorite”. As for her leadership role on the team, she said she was “thrilled. [She] knew what [she] was getting into and was eager to play with girls that were new, fresh, and excited, although it might come with challenges and inexperience”. Syd said that coming into the season she “made it [her] goal to be the best leader for them every single day by exemplifying hard work and passion, and [she] feel[s] proud of [herself] in saying that [she] did that to [her] fullest ability.” She says that she hopes she “left an impact on them for future seasons and that they are inspired by the unbelievable potential waiting to be met”.

As for the rest of her plans after graduation, she hopes to go to either UC Santa Barbara or a four-year university in San Diego, depending on where she’s accepted. She plans on moving away from Bishop but will miss her family more than anything. She says she will also miss “the mountains and the unbelievable beauty [she has] been lucky enough to be raised among”. She said that she “hope[s] everyone takes advantage of the Sierra and all that they offer, and embraces the sense of community in Bishop. Growing up here has taught [her] to fall in love with all that surrounds [her] regardless of its magnitude” and  “[she] will always consider the mountains home.” Syd says that her favorite moments from high school have been each of her volleyball seasons, especially the one they just won, and she says that her Senior year “was so special and something [she] will always cherish”.

Syd said she is excited to “start fresh and begin to create a life for “herself” hands on. [She] can’t wait for new people, new experiences, new knowledge and beginning the process of seeing all that life has to offer [her]”. Syd said that her biggest fear is quite honestly “having to eat ramen constantly because college is EXPENSIVE”, but she “feel[s] beyond prepared for college. [She has] been adamant throughout high school about taking classes that challenge [her] and developing the right habits, and [she feels] like the transition will be smooth with hard work and an open mind”.

Syd says that she wants to pursue a career in Global Studies, “more specifically, International Sports Management with a minor in Spanish”, because she is “more passionate about sports than anything else. A career where [she] could be in an environment that [she has] always known and loved, while traveling and seeing the world, would be a dream come true”. She also says that she would like to continue her volleyball career through her chosen school’s team, club, or an intramural team. She would also like to continue to spend her time outdoors and exploring new places. In 10 years she hopes to be deep in her career and possibly in another country while being financially and spiritually stable. She says she sees herself shaping the life she desires, doing something she loves while being surrounded by the things and people she loves.

Syd says she wants BUHS to remember her mostly “for volleyball, as well as taking on many impact-full leadership positions and hopefully adding light to the paths I have crossed along the way. :)” Syd also added that she wishes for her class is that they “all pursue the lives [they] have always wanted with nothing holding us back.” She said she hopes “everyone finds their place, and [she hopes] everyone holds a piece of home close to their heart.” The class of 2019 has always been something special and it’s because of people like Sydney that this year’s Seniors are so great.

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