BUHS Varsity Mathletes at Silver Valley Meet 10/24/18

Sofi Hernandez, Editor

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The Mathletes continued their season with a meet at Silver Valley High School. This time only the Varsity team members traveled to compete with six other schools from Boron, Desert, Kern Valley, Rosamond, Silver Valley, and Tehachapi.

Bishop Unions Varsity Team left Silver Valley with a team 3rd place finish just as at the last meet at Tehachapi High School. The team gathered up a total of 24 points after the five rounds of the meet. The Bishop Mathletes encountered math problems such as:

  1. Solve the following equation for x:

Individual awards were given to Scott Hennarty and Jeanine Lomaintewa for fourth place, each with 6 points total after five rounds.

The next expected meet for the BUHS Varsity Mathletes is on Wednesday, December 5 at Kern Valley.

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