Varsity Volleyball Playoff Game


Paige Vance, Sports Staff

CIF Round 2

Tuesday the Bronco girls continued their playoff “jog” in Mira Monte against the Lady Lions. The Broncos had a rough start losing the first set 25-11. Bishop fought back the second set trading off points with Mira Monte but still lost the second set 25-22. The Lady Lions ended up taking the third set 25-17 ending Bishops season with a loss. Coach Frigerio is “so proud of these girls” even though she didn’t think they would make it this far with such a young team.


League Player Standings

Sydney Frigerio 4th in league for hitting  with a .329 hitting percentage

Sydney Frigerio is 7th in league leading the team in kills followed by Haven Del Giudice in 9th

Sydney Frigerio is  3rd in league for assists

Sydney Frigerio is 2nd in league for aces   

Haven del Giudice is 4th in league for blocks followed by Hana Hogan in 6th



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