Thoughts From a Far Away Visitor

Shania Womack, Journalist

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Brand New Foreign Exchange Student!

Have you ever been to another country? Have you ever gone to a school in another country? Theresa Kranner has come all the way from Krems, Austria to experience if high school life in the movies is what it is really like in America.


Theresa Kranner’s is from Krems, Austria. When asked about what there is to do there she replied with, “Our town is very historical, for example, my school celebrated 2 years ago their 400th birthday. If you would come to visit, I would take you to the old street in the city, where you can do shopping. My hometown is in a very famous vine region, called the Wachau. We could also ride a boat through it because Krems is nearby the Danube.


As I mentioned before, Theresa said that she wanted to come to The United States Of America to see if the schools were really like they are in the movies, but also because everyone talks about it. She said that in Austria all of the teachers are extremely strict. In her words, “Speaking of teachers, when the teachers come into our class in Austria, we have to stand up to greet them and we are only allowed to sit down if they tell us we can sit down now. The teachers in Austria are also much more strict. But I like the way the teachers treat you here- it is like from eye to eye. In Austria, most teachers look down to you…


Although Theresa hasn’t been majorly homesick, she still certainly misses her family. Her host family has been extremely nice to her and has been keeping her busy. Her host mom is taking her different places each weekend and they have certainly been having fun together, so if you see her in the halls make sure you say hi!


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