Homecoming Dance

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Homecoming Dance

Hunter Beall and Cassidy Moffett

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Homecoming Dance Recap

This years homecoming had a great turn out, according to most students. The dance room was packed with students enjoying their friends, company, and having a blast at the first dance of the year. We have interviewed a few of our fellow students and here are some of their responses and opinions:

How did you feel about the set up?
Shelby Haye- “I liked the set up this year I found it really pretty and I liked that there were less tables for more people were forced and it wasn’t too cramped as well. I liked the photo space although I think I would have rather had a legitimate do-it-yourself photo booth.”

How did you feel about the music?
Tyler Beadle-The music was alright but it killed the mood when it died for a while.

What do you think of the price of tickets?
Tyler Beadle-Considering the amount of things at homecoming I believe it should have been way cheaper.

What did you think about the theme?
Eric Lind- I have no idea what the theme even was.

How can they make next year’s homecoming better?
Veronica Ramos-One thing they could do better is getting a new DJ.
Tyler Beadle- More tables to sit at. A better DJ.
Eric Lind-Poll students about what songs they want to play during the dance to get a better idea of what we actually want to hear for 55$


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