Halloween Movie Review

Halloween Movie Poster

Halloween Movie Poster

Hunter Thomas, Writer

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Halloween (2018)

With the new thriller Halloween inducing fans across the world with fear and rattling them in their seats, it comes in on Rotten Tomatoes at a 78%. The new scary film has already made $76.2. My personal review is that the movie delivers on what the purpose is made to do, scare the audience. After my experience with the film, it was a little eerie walking back to my car in a pitch black parking lot. One reason that the film has succeeded is not just the incredible amounts of gore, but the score the director decided is incredibly elegant and dark. Every song chose in the film makes the film more scary. From the high notes, to the low bass, the film puts thrill in your bones. I enjoyed this film because every second within it’s 1h 44m runtime counts. I give this film a solid 8/10 rating.