The Broncos Keep Cruisin’

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The Broncos Keep Cruisin’

Matthew Rosga, Sports Editor

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Bronco Boys Improve Their Record to 7-2

With 2 games left before playoffs, the Broncos came in looking to add to their dominant win streak and keep their momentum rolling into the postseason. Boron was the receiving team on the beginning kick off, but fumbled on the return and turned the ball over to the Broncos who were unable to convert on a fourth down pass inside the red zone, a continuing weakness for the offense. The Bobcats, much like the Broncos, wasted this golden opportunity by fumbling the ball again, which culminated in the Broncos turning the ball over as well on an incomplete pass on fourth down after McClean got sacked. This time when the Bobcats got the ball back, they were able to capitalize with a rushing TD, and then completing a 2 point conversion on a fake kick. This score for the Bobcats awoke the sleeping giant that is the Bronco offense, leading to a rushing TD by Luke McClean, set up by a big run by Wesley Pettet. The Bronco defense then held up their end of the bargain, stopping the Bobcats on a 3rd down, forcing a punt that was not very good, leading to the Broncos taking over inside the red zone. After a nice run by McClean at the end of the 1st, Pettet opened up the 2nd quarter with a rushing TD of his own, making that his 4th consecutive game with a TD.

While the Broncos were hitting their stride, the Bobcats continued to struggle with ball safety, fumbling for the 3rd time in the game. After Completing a 27-yard pass of 3rd and 20, and another solid run from Pettet, Paco found a way into the end zone for the Broncos 3rd score of the game, but they missed the PAT. The Bobcats then fumbled on the kickoff again but managed to recover it making that the 5th loose ball of the game for Boron, before Mark Mayhugh came up with an interception. With that pick, Mayhugh earned his 3rd straight game that he forced a turnover with his stellar defense, but the Broncos couldn’t capitalize, throwing an INT of their own leading to the end of the half.

After receiving the kickoff, Pettet got himself his second TD of the game on a 25-yard run, and the Bronco D forced another Bobcat fumble that was recovered by Boron leading them to punt the ball away. Boron’s fumbles started to become infectious as the Broncos fumbled, and even though Paco recovered the offense came up short on a 4th down run, turning the ball back over to Boron. Boron took full advantage of this on a pass play where they direct snapped to the running back, who threw a pass to the quarterback in the end zone for a TD. The Bobcats then attempted an onside kick that would have gotten the ball back if they hadn’t touched the ball before it went the mandated 10 yards. After a big run by Paco, McClean got his 2nd TD of the night on the ground despite being hit hard on his way across the goal line, but they missed their 2nd PAT of the night.

On the defensive side of things, Tian D’Beaupre got his 25th tackle of the season in a big way, picking up a Boron player and slamming him on his back, which was followed by a solid tackle from Braithwaite that set up 4th down for the Bobcats. Boron throws incomplete on 4th, but after a bad snap and a few plays that went nowhere, the Broncos had to punt. Boron was then also forced into a 4th down situation where they attempted a fake punt that was broken up by Hunter Beall. Following Beall’s big play, McClean got into the end zone on the ground again for his 12 rushing TD of the season, a play that was set up b another Pettet run. Boron had one last drive to try to find their way into the end zone one more time, but they turned the ball over putting the last nail in their own coffin. After a rush where Pettet carried a couple of Boron players on his back before finally being brought down, the Broncos lined up in victory formation to kneel down and run out the clock, ending the game with a final score of 40-15.

Palu says that changes to the offensive line, and “finding the right fit for guys” has been a key component to the Broncos success. With changes like moving Kade Edmiston to tackle, Tristan Valle to center, Patrick Flanigan to guard, and Hunter Beall to tackle, the Broncos have certainly had a lot of success. Plau has said that the “enthusiasm and leadership that Valle has brought to the huddle has been great.” As far as facing down Cal City, a team that has dominated every team they’ve played much like the Broncos, Palu says that in this unstoppable force meets an immovable object scenario that they are “excited for this opportunity” and that they have “known that this would be the championship game”. Palu said that “rarely you have a winner take all game to end the season” and the boys are ready for this unusual challenge. As far as the 6 game win streak, the 4th longest in the past 8 years and longest of Palu’s career as head coach, it has “helped the team to practice with enthusiasm and play with excitement. It has been a fun group to be around.”

The Bronco Boys will play their homecoming game, and the last one of the regular season, here at home this Friday against Cal City, so come out and support your Broncos!

Bronco Stats
Luke McClean- 1-3 passing with 27 yards, 12 carries with 81 rushing yards and 3 TDs, 2 receptions with 17 yards, and 2 tackles with 1 solo
Wesley Pettet- 17 carries with 152 rushing yards and 2 TDs, and 10 tackles with 6 solos
Steven Paco- 8 carries with 64 yards and 1 TD, 1 reception with 27 yards, and 1 tackle
Manny Talavera- 7 tackles with 5 solos
Jaden Braithwaite- 7 tackles with 5 solos
Mark Mayhugh- 7 tackles with 5 solos
Cal Omohundro- 8 tackles with 4 solos
Tian D’Beaupre- 9 tackles with 5 solos (25 tackles on the season)
Tristan Valle- 16 tackles with 12 solos

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