Russell DeMoss Senior Profile


Eric Lind, Assistant to Sports Editor

Russell Demoss might come off as a goofball at first but in reality, he is one of the hardest working, funniest, and most friendly individuals on the campus. He has big plans for after high school, either attending Santa Barbara City College in pursuits of a career in I.T. or as a Diesel Mechanic by attending Elko Community College in Nevada. These careers may appear quite different at first but Russell is interested in them because of the technical aspect of both careers. Ever since he was a young child he has been fascinated by discovering how things work and the ways in which he can involve himself in the process of creating things and fixing them.

In addition to maintaining his academic career at Bishop Union High School, DeMoss has been working long hours at the local Chinese restaurant Imperial Gourmet. From the time DeMoss began work there approximately two years ago he has been satisfied and smiling ever since (that’s what she said- Michael Gary Scott). In his time spent there, he has been trained for a multitude of tasks including Busboy, Cashier and more recently food server. The reason that these skills are useful is because in college DeMoss hopes to pay his way through school as a waiter, making a great number of tips along the way. Russel Demoss hopes to be remembered at Bishop Union High School as a “Person who brings joy to others” around campus.