Varsity Volleyball vs. Kern


Paige Vance, Sports Staff

Rivalry Game vs. Kern Valley Broncs

Tuesday October 16th the Broncos played their last league away game against their rival team, the Broncs. It was Kern Valleys senior night and the Broncos crushed Kern in three straight sets. In the first set the Broncos were just getting into their rhythm and beat Kern 25-23. The second set the Broncos swept the Broncs 25-12. In the final set the Broncs fell again with a score of 25-20. The Broncos have beat the Broncs twice in league play this season.


The Broncos final league game and their senior night is Thursday October 18th against Frazier Mountain. Bishop has lost once to Frazier before and hopes to win this game tying them for first in league. The Broncos are hoping to have a big crowd for this league championship game.




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