The Bronco Boys Are On Fire

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The Bronco Boys Are On Fire

Matthew Rosga, Sports Editor

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Broncos Extend Win Streak to 5 Games

After a few stumbles early on in the season and the offense struggling to find its footing, the boys have been on a roll. Ever since their blowout win over Whittier Christian, the Broncos have shown no signs of slowing down, as was the case this past week. Wesley Pettet got the Bronco offense on the field early on in the game with his interception in the first quarter, but the Broncos failed to do anything with it.

The Roadrunners started out strong, getting into the end zone on an 80-yard rushing TD by #22 Charles Watson, but they went for a 2 point conversion and missed. The Broncos then were set up 1st and goal thanks to a cluth 4th down conversion, that led to a rushing TD for Mcclean.

The Roadrunners then turned the ball over on downs, which set up Pettet for his 5th rushing TD of the season. Rosamond’s problems continued when their punter dropped the snap on an attempt, which Justin Brooks recovered. The Broncos weren’t able to punch it into the end zone after a holding penalty called a touchdown back, so the Broncos had to settle for a field goal.

The Bronco defense forced a punt from the Roadrunners on their next drive, but they couldn’t keep it under control and Rosamond got it back, marking the Broncos second turnover on a punt in 2 weeks. This punt recovery set up a Roadrunner TD pass and a missed 2 point conversion.

The Bronco offense then found their way back into the end zone with a 50 yard run by Mcclean before the defense took over when Mark Mayhugh picked up a receiver and dropped him on his back forcing a fumble that Darren Dondero recovered and returned for a TD.

The Broncos got the ball back and after a crucial first down conversion, Steven Paco earned himself a rushing TD. The game was stopped shortly after because unfortunately #22 for Rosamond got hurt and had to be transfered by ambulance.  When play started up again the Roadrunners were able to earn themselves another TD.

After the Broncos scored again on a TD run by Mcclean, the Roadrunners scored a TD of their own but missed their 4th 2 point conversion of the game. Rosamond tried an onside kick after their score, but the Broncos recovered and ended their drive on a TD run by Clay Omohundro.

This was another big win for the Broncos, extending their win streak to five games at this point, and seeing a highly explosive showing by the offense where they scored 3 TDs in just 2:30 seconds against the Roadrunner defense.

Coach Arnie Palu says that he “thinks it cool we’ve won and strung together wins, but what I’m really excited about is how the team is playing. We have had back to back games where we have rushed for over 3oo yards.” Palu says that their 3 touchdowns in 2:30 was a span where “the team was playing to their full potential, and it was really exciting to see.” When asked if Palu would make adjustments to the passing game he said that they would “take each team game by game. As it gets colder though, teams that can control the ground game will have more success, so we will continue to go out and make an emphasis on our running game.”

Bronco Stats
Luke Mcclean- 4/12 with 73 passing yards, 14 carries with 113 rushing yards and 3 rushing TDs
Wesley Pettet- 11 carries with 52 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD, 5 tackles, 3 solos
Steven Paco- 10 carries with 106 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD
Clay Omohundro- 2 carries with 39 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD
Manny Talavera- 18 tackles, 13 solos
Hunter Beall- 5 tackles, 2 solos
Mark Mayhugh- 5 tackles, 4 solos
Darren Dondero- 7 tackles, 5 solos
Cal Omohundro- 9 tackles, 5 solos

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