Tennis Match


Veronica Ramos Vargas , Writer

In the Bishop Bronco tennis news, Kern Valley tennis traveled to bishop on Tuesday. It was rainy day but the two teams were still able to play the matches. Bishop came out on top 5-4 this time and the last time the both teams met Kern valley won 5-4. This year it came down to a 4-4 tie breaker that was won by Cheyenne Yeager and Madi Foster in a doubles match, pushing the Broncos to the 5-4 win.


  • Emelli Mora easley won her singles match 8-4
  • Jordan Winzenread came with a forced a tie-break in her singles winning 7-4
  • Jacee carpenter who won her tie-break in a close match 7-4
  • Doubles team Molly Foster and Brooke Winzenread just lost 7-9
  • Molly Foster won her singles 8-4
  • Izzy Munoz lost 4-8
  • Brooke Winzenread lost her singles 5-8
  • Emelli Mora and Jordan Winzenread just lost 7-9
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