Varsity Volleyball vs. Rosamond


Paige Vance, Sports Staff

Broncos Sweep Runners

This Tuesday October 2nd the Bishop Broncos varsity volleyball team beat the Rosamond Roadrunners in Rosamond. They played three games, the Broncos won all three games. The first set the Broncos swept the Runners 25-11. The second set the Roadrunners scored two more points but still fell to the Broncos 25-13. The final game was a struggle for the Broncos, but they still came out on top 26-24. This season the Broncos are currently ranked 2nd in league, they’re fighting to change that. 


Bishop needs to be ranked 7th in Central Section Division 4 to host a home playoff game they’re currently in 9th and working there way up. Their next game is Thursday October 4th in Kern Valley.



National: 7608

California: 708

California Division 4: 111

Central Section: 58

Central Section Division 4: 9



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