Jaydan Braithwaite, Varsity Football

Lauren Kost

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Offensive player of the game,Jaydan Braithwaite

Jaydan Braithwaite, a Junior at Bishop Union High School as well as a star athlete on the Varsity Football team was ecstatic to be awarded offensive player of the game.

Last Friday, September 22nd the Varsity Bishop boys won an exciting win against the Burroughs 21-17.

After a short interview with Jaydan I was able to experience each quarter the game. Jaydan explained that the first half was tough and he thought his team might lose but he kept his head up and reminded himself that it was only first quarter. By second quarter Jaydan was determined to play his best. One of his coaches, coach Madison told him a few inspiring words that really got his adrenaline going and his head in the game. Jaydan said that third quarter went by super fast and by the last quarter, fourth quarter, Jaydan scored a touchdown that not only hyped up the crowd but put his team in the lead over Burroughs.

Jaydan said that when he scored he was “pumped” and it made him want to finish the game off strong.

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