Tanin Cook Senior Profile

Eric Lind, Assistant to Sports Editor

Tanin Cook has always been known as an individual who challenges social norms whenever possible while staying focused on his solid future. Cook plans on pursuing a promising career as a computer science major from Harvard’s online schooling program. He will most likely move to Mammoth for the typical ski bum lifestyle and continue his employment as a ski instructor on the mountain. As he is a certified ski instructor the potential to earn a livable wage while educating himself further is desirable to him. The primary reason that he is interested in this career is because of his fascination with computers in addition to the large payment that is typical of this degree

Besides education, Tanin has many side interests and hobbies including bouldering, climbing, hiking, and spending quality time with his friends. Additionally, Tanin plans on purchasing a Volkswagen Bug and “eating cheerios 3 meals a day” in the next 10 years. His unique qualities are not only expressed in his physical appearance but his personality as well. This senior truly embodies our ASB class motto “Un19ue”!