Senior Profile: Sydney Frigerio


Paige Vance, Journalist

Senior Profile: Sydney Frigerio


Bishop’s very own Sydney Frigerio is ready to take the next steps into her future and they’re not small. She wants to head to University of San Diego or San Diego State after she graduates. She’s most excited about having control of her schedule and not having to deal with eight hour school days.

Syd wants to major in business, “I want to pursue a career in sports management internationally, business will basically give me a super versatile degree in a career in as far as managing and organization,” she says. And even though she’s excited for the next chapter in her life she’s going to miss Bishop High School, Syd says she’s going to miss the tightnitt culture of Bishop High and how you can go to anyone for help and they genuinely care about you.

She doesn’t plan on ended her volleyball career here either, she’d like to play at whichever college she ends up choosing. Sydney would like to go to University of San Diego. She said “I’ve always loved the city of San Diego and I want to be close to the beach. I also have friends and family close by that I can rely on. I visited the campus this spring and fell in love with it.  They also have an incredible business and international program.” 

Syd’s excited for the upcoming year and ready to start her future.

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