Veronica Ramos Senior Profile


Lauren Kost

Veronica Ramos is a senior at Bishop Union High and is ecstatic to be graduating this year. After high school Veronica would like to attend Cerro Coso for two years and then transfer to a University to continue her education. A career Veronica would like to have in the future is being a nurse. Being a nurse caught Veronica’s attention because she likes to be around kids and she enjoys helping people . Another reason Veronica is interested in becoming a nurse is because she has family members who are in the medical field and from what she gathers she thinks it will be a career she will find enjoyable.

When on the job Veronica hopes to be living and working in a city.  One place she is interested in is Las Vegas. In Veronica’s free time she really likes to continuously binge watch Netflix. Throughout her high school journey she has enjoyed her Junior year the most and now that she is a senior she is anxiously “counting down the days” until she graduates.

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