BUHS Varsity Volleyball vs Burroughs


Paige Vance, Sports Staff

Burros Better Broncos


In preparation for the Broncos upcoming season the volleyball team took on Burroughs High School. The Broncos first preseason game was a loss in three matches. Bishop hosted the match August 21st.  

Danica Thornburg is one of Bishop’s seniors and a captain of the varsity volleyball team. We had the chance to interview Danica after the first game.  


Interview with Danica Thornburg (Varsity captain)

How do you think your team did for it being the first game and also with such young girls?

Dani: “Our team did very well, I was super surprised. We started out a little nervous and  it took us a few points to get back on our feet but we truly progressed and got better each game. We also played with all heart, which is our motto for the year and something that I feel like I have not felt on the court while playing in quite a while. Even though we lost I’m not disappointed because we played really well, especially since we’re such a young team, Burrough’s is always super good competition, and we all had fun playing.”

What do you think you guys as a team could improve on?

Dani: “As a team we could really improve on our serve receive, serving, and also just focusing on our technique in the moment to ensure that the ball stays in play. Most of these will come with more volleyball experience and touches on the ball but they are still skills that everyone on the team, regardless of experience, can work on to ensure more success for our team in the future.”


The BUHS Volleyball Team is hoping for more wins and hope for a great season this year.

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