Broncos Dealt Their First Loss of the Season

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Broncos Dealt Their First Loss of the Season

Matthew Rosga and Hunter Thomas, Sports Editor and Sports Staff

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Broncos’ Offense Unable to Keep up With Lions’ Defense

The Broncos came into Friday night’s game looking to ignite a spark in their offense, and build on their win over Ontario Christian; however, that was not the case. The Broncos won the coin toss, and elected to receive the kick-off to start the game, but their offense wasn’t looking much better than the week before punting the ball on their first possession. On the bright side of things, the Broncos got started off strong on defense with a standout performance from Senior Patrick Flanigan who had 2 sacks in the first quarter, along with Junior Wesley Pettet who had a sack of his own. The rest of the 1st half went by without much action, with the only notable events being another dropped snap for the Broncos, 2 more sacks for the Broncos, and the first of many flags in the game against the Lions.

The second half of the game was the same story as the first, the Bronco offense was shut out and struggled with a fumble and 2 flags (one for false start, and one for holding) while the defense remained rock solid. Up until the final 6 minutes of the game seemed like a bad case of deja vu with Junior Luke Mcclean being the only player to find the end zone late with less than 10 minutes left in the fourth, until the Lions recovered a fumble and returned it 25 yds for a touchdown. Try as they might the Broncos could not find their way across the goal line again, sending the game into OT.

In OT the Broncos started out with the ball, but were unable to score, and the Lions were also held scoreless. Both teams ended up getting three possessions in over time, seeing another sack for Flanigan, and an injury for Senior Cal Omohundro who had his elbow dislocated. Despite a hard fought game, the Lions won on a touchdown run by their running back.

Bronco Stats:
Luke Mcclean- 5/11 65 passing yards, 16 carries for 60 yards, 7 tackles, 5 solo
Wesley Pettet- 14 carries for 65 yards, 2 receptions for 16 yards, 12 tackles, 11 solo
Jaden Braithwaite- 2 receptions for 25 yards
Luis Esparza- 3 receptions 37 yards
Ian Murphy- 7 tackles, 5 solo
Mark Mayhugh- 7 tackles, 5 solo
Darren Dondero- 9 tackles, 2 solo
Cal Omohundro- 8 tackles, 3 solo
Patrick Flanigan- 7 tackles, 5 solo

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