Jordan Kost Senior Profile


Grace Griego, Arts and Entertainment Editor

You might’ve seen Jordan Kost in the halls performing his duties as ASB Senior Class President or running along his teammates for cross country. This wonderful student is an illuminating presence at Bishop Union High School and always lends a hand. So what are Jordan Kost’s plans for after high school? Jordan plans to attend DePaul University in Chicago in the coming fall to pursue his dream of acting and theater arts. Since Jordan is moving away from the small town of Bishop to the famous Windy City that is Chicago, he says that he will “miss the mountains and this beautiful backyard, and that’s it.” As far as Bishop Union High School is concerned, Jordan says he will miss the “close-knit community here, all the relationships with the teachers I’ve made, and all of my younger friends!”

After graduation, Jordan is most excited to relax this summer and enjoy the area before he moves to Chicago. As for what he is most afraid of after graduation, Jordan says that “not pursuing what I really want to do and giving into fear is my biggest fear.” Jordan says that he doesn’t feel prepared for life after high school because “there’s not really anyway to prepare for that.” After college, Jordan plans to pursue a career in acting, education, and political activism. Jordan says that “all these careers can go hand-in-hand. I love theater but I also believe that teaching younger generations the theatrical arts is so important and it’s so easy to incorporate politics in tons of theater.”

If you’re reading this and feeling bad that you don’t have everything together like Jordan, don’t worry, while he does have a plan, he doesn’t have it all together either! When asked where he sees himself in ten years, Jordan said, “Honestly, I don’t know. But I hope to be traveling with someone I love or surrounded by lovely people.” Over his four years here, Jordan has left his mark on BUHS. From the newly integrated Student Senate to Theatre Club, Jordan has made a ton of memories here. However, Jordan’s favorite memory is one of embarrassment. Jordan says, “One day I was walking out of the hall and I went to push the door open and I wasn’t looking at the door and I accidentally pushed a young women’s face instead. It was very embarrassing and to this day is one of my favorite memories. So sorry to whoever you were, I still don’t know your name!” Everyone be sure to wish Jordan good vibes on his post-graduation adventures!