Small Town Student Wins Big National Scholarship; Nora Cimino and the National FFA Scholarship


FFA: Fun Fantastic Awesome. Left to Right. Mr. Buffington, Nora Cimino, Josie Dillard, Cayley Dishion, Brent Dillard.

Grace Griego, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Bishop Union High School’s very own Nora Cimino was recently awarded the National FFA Scholarship on April 27th, 2018! Nora is currently a senior and college bound for California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. The National FFA Scholarship is a very competitive scholarship and each applicant had to complete an online application, answer a number of short answer questions regarding school and FFA, and be involved in FFA in their chapter. Nora has been involved in FFA all four years of high school, raised a pig every year, a goat one year, and a heifer one year, and was also the Bishop FFA Historian in her sophomore year.

When asked about how tough the competition was for this scholarship, Nora responded, “There was definitely some competition because this scholarship was given out across the whole nation. There were thousands of applicants so just numbers alone, there was an immense amount of competition. Being from such a small town, there is often less opportunity but thanks to Mr. Buffington and my family’s help over the years, and my dedication to the FFA, I am very proud to say that I received it.”

The 2018 National FFA Scholarship is for $1000 and Nora will be using it towards her college tuition for her 2018-2019 school year. Paige Lary, a friend of Nora, says that “Nora is a hardworking individual and I think she deserves this scholarship” and is very proud of her. Everyone be sure to congratulate Nora Cimino on this amazing achievement!