Student Senate Report, April 2018


The Student Senators Stand Tall: (l-r) Paige Lary, Michael Martinez, Sierra Burror, Jordan Kost, Zarik Tracy, Dulcinea Vasquez, Jenna Andersen, Odie Demoss Photo by Emma Ranney

Paige Lary, Directorial Editor

The second Student Senate meeting took place Wednesday, April 4th in the Carl Lind Boardroom at 6:00 pm.

A handful of students, parents, and a staff member attended the meeting, where the Senate panel announced current school news and gave sports team and ASB updates. The main issues that the meeting focused on included the school’s dress code, BUHS’s climate, and the name for the new health clinic.

Panel members addressed the dress code, stating concerns that many students have toward the school’s clothing regulations, and covering conflicts that schools outside of BUHS have had with their dress codes. The discussion was then opened to students. Of the students attending the meeting, all suggested that the dress code is outdated, often sexist, doesn’t consider diverse anatomy, and is not carried out consistently or fairly. Students shared their experiences with the dress code and its execution, and debated on how the dress code (and its implementation) should be changed to better fit current social standards, fashion trends, and to have a consistent enforcement.

An attending staff member suggested that BUHS should adopt uniforms entirely, and many students in the audience supported this decision, although some did state their dissenting opinions. The Student Senate panel proposed that a new dress code, created jointly by staff and students, should be put in place and that uniforms should be considered as an option. The panel then voted to bring the issue of the school dress code (and possibility of uniforms) to the next school board meeting for further consideration.

Attendees also participated on an open discussion on school climate, in which connectivity amongst peers and campus safety was examined. The staff member proposed that there is a sense of exclusion on campus, which has led some new students to leave BUHS and return to their previous high schools. In the same discussion, a student also pointed out an issue with campus safety: lock down drills are helpful, but are only practiced with the expectation that students will be in class in the event of a lock down. This student suggested that lock down drills also need to take into consideration times when students are not in class. Although the Student Senate did not confirm that the topic of BUHS’s overall climate will be discussed again, it is likely that the subject will come up in future meetings.

Finally, the Student Senate held a vote on naming the new health clinic in BUHS’s basement. The panel proposed “The Bronco Health Clinic” (BHC) and the name was selected through a majority vote.

The next Student Senate meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd, at 6:00 pm in the Carl Lind Boardroom. All community members are encouraged to attend, especially current and prospective BUHS students and staff.