Q & A with Pedro J Hernandez


First out of the many. Photographed by Pedro J Hernandez

Zach Kile

 Q & A with Photographer Pedro J Hernandez


Q- When did you first start getting interested in photography?


A- “Well, it was at my step sister Melanie’s wedding and we did not have a photographer so I got volunteered to do so and I very much enjoyed it. Ever since then, I’ve been committed to be a world-class photographer and to continue to learn something new every time I go out to take pictures whether it’s landscape, night, or even taking some portraits of my friend .”


Q-  Did you look up to anyone or do you have any role models with your photography?


A-”I have always been inspired by two photographers. The first photographer is Matthew Newman. His work truly amazes me because it’s unlike the rest of the astrophotographers. His pictures look so natural and that’s what I go for. The other photographer is Michael Shainblum. His work is super clean.”


Q- What was your first camera?


A-”My first camera was a Canon T5 Rebel, it was a great little camera and i miss it. But I’m really loving the new camera I have now.”


Q- What is your favorite style of photography?


A-” I dig astrophotography the most, I find it relaxing and peaceful it really captures how beautiful the valley really is at night.”


Q- Do you plan on forming some sort of career with it or do you plan on leaving it as a hobby?


A-” I am already pursuing photography as a career now but I don’t plan for it to be as my main career for my future. I got a master plan for when I graduate.”