Annual Destruction Derby


Justin Yates, Sports Editor

Interview with Senior Dillon Ellis

The Demolition Derby is an annual staple in the Bishop Tri County fair and for the first time ever BUHS had a student driver during the derby. Not only did BUHS have a student driver it had the auto teacher Mr. Davis and senior Dillon Ellis. Dillon Ellis’ car was so nice that it actually won the beauty contest.  I was lucky enough to sit down with DIllon and get a quick interview with him.

Q “Do you know if you are the first ever high school derby driver.”

A “No I don’t think so”

Q “Was the outcome what you expected.”

A “No I was pissed I got stuck in the back fender of someone’s car and got stuck and couldn’t do anything for the rest of the derby.”

Q “Was this an overall learning experience for the next time or was this just a one time thing that you’ll never do again.”

A”No I’m going to do it again for sure i’m going to buy the car from Davis and definitely do it again.”

Q “How did you feel getting stuck so early on in the round.”

A “I was so mad I almost freaked out in the middle of the derby, I had to keep my composure otherwise i would have freaked out in the middle of the arena.”

Q “What are you doing with your car, are you fixing it up or are you waiting to decide if you are going to do it again next year.”

A “Nothing is wrong with it i just got stuck and knowing I couldn’t do anything was just literally the worst.”

If you would like to watch the Derby click the link below

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