89th Annual State FFA Leadership Conference

89th Annual State FFA Leadership Conference

Peyton Hersley

Bishop FFA goes to Fresno.

On the 22nd of April Bishop FFA went to Fresno for a leadership conference.  At this leadership conference we have Sessions, Workshops, and Meetings to further help our members with leadership, Teamwork, And so many more good qualities.  We then come back and incorporate them to our community.  When we are at these sessions we get to hear from our state officers as they give their retiring addresses.  After that we watch fellow FFA members get awards for improving their community and being a big part of FFA.

At the end of all the fun of having workshops and being shaped into people who are good for the community and will further help us in life, we have a concert.  This years concert featured Brett Young. Evan though he played four songs and they were all love songs it was a fun and unforgettable night.

We then head back to good ol’ bishop. Next year the conference will be held in Anaheim for the 90th Annual State Leadership Conference.