“Drop That Snowball Young Man”


Seth Cox, Journalist

During lunch today the PA system in Bishop Union High resulted in the funniest thing this school has seen. For context, snow has always been a rare sight to see in bishop, with the area usually getting 1-3 inches of snow per year, but, this year we got more snow than the past 4 years combined. With snow comes snowballs, which have always been against school policy, but because of how little snow we get, most forget about it. Today, February 27, 2023, at 12:43 PM PST, the announcement system turned on stating “Drop that Snowball Young Man, yes you, I see you, drop it!” but the student continued until the woman operating the PA system (School Registrar Joni Riggs) pushed the man enough to drop the Snowball. Using snowballs on campus are punishable by detention and, apparently, public humiliation.